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Have you ever been so aggravated or inspired by something that you were unable to continue with your day/week/life until you did something about it. I ran into one of those situations recently. It started out like any other… I was working on a little out of office LCD display project for my desk. It’s an old external hard drive case that I modded to hold a 4×20 LCD and a four potentiometers. Different knob positions provide difference time/location info on the lines of the display. Example “At Starbucks, back in 15”. I could probably just use a white board but that’s too easy. Anyway, I needed I needed a few RGB leds for the project so I started my walk over to the local Radio Shack. As soon as I opened the door I remembered why I hate that place. To keep this from turning into a b!tch fest I’ll just provide the short list:
1) Waiting in line forever while people complain about the cell phone plan they signed up for and now can’t afford. Every single time…
2) The markup on basic hardware and consumables is out of control. This is Seattle! Why don’t we have access to a few options?
3) The support. If I’m looking to buy a cell phone I get instant service and the person helping me is the Rain Man of cell phone factoids. If I am looking for a 28pin DIP socket I’m better off finding it myself.

What am I going to do about it? I left The Shack, bought a domain, put together a temporary site, lined up distributorships with my favorite companies and started a Kickstarter campaign. I have reached the point where I am willing to risk my own time, credit and cash to see if there are any other like minded people out there in this market of around two million.

Check it out here:

Please forward the link on if you live in the Northwest or empathize with the situation.