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I’m going to assume you’re currently sittng in front of a Windows machine. Here are a few quick steps to burn your own Ubuntu live CD so that you can give the OS a try. I would highly recommend it. Everyone has their own opinion of which Linux distro is the best. I’m fond of Ubuntu because whether you’re a Mac or PC user most things are going to be fairly intuitive when you make the switch. So here we go…….

You’re going to need to download two pieces of software and have access to a drive that can burn a CD-ROM. Create a new folder on your desktop and call it Linux_Is_Awesome. Save the follwoing two pieces of software in this new folder.

The first piece of software you will need will be “InfraRecorder”. You can find it here:

The next piece of software you’ll need to download is the current version of “Ubuntu”. You can find it here:

We’re almost there…

Install InfraRecorder if you haven’t already done so.
Place a blank CD-ROM into your burner.
Open InfraRecorder.
Choose “Write Image”.
Select the Ubuntu image you just downloaded.
Select the appropriate drive letter for your burner.
Set the write speed to the lowest setting available
Click “Ok”.
This will probably take a few minutes…….

Once the CD-ROM is ready leave it in the drive, close the drive and reboot your machine. After the reboot you will have the opportunity to try Linux out without installing it. ENJOY!